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MAY 8: John Fonte, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and director of its Center for American Common Culture. See his story: "Re-Branding the GOP From the party of big business to the party of the little guy." Fonte's recent book explores whether Americans will continue to enjoy our traditional rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution -- or if we will become subject to "international law." See Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Ruled by Others? See his PARABLE OF THE PHARASEE CONSERVATIVE, (right hand column).

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Speakers from 2014 & 2013 Maryland Thursday Meetings.
General Boykin
General Jerry Boykin -- soldier, minister and conservative activist. The Constitution gives us "freedom of religion, not merely freedom of worship." Boykin recounted several incidents incidents of resistance to recent federal initiatives to suppress expression of Christianity in the military. The veteran of the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu ("Black Hawk Down") pointed out that the military has long been a cultural repository of traditional virtues. (March 13, 2014).
listening to Boykin

Maryland Thursday Meeting regulars listen intently to General Boykin.

Speakers from 2013 Maryland Thursday Meetings.
The Reverend William Cook of The Virginia Black Robe Regiment speaks on organizing congregations from the traditional faiths for public action, December 12, 2013.
Jim Simpson
Author and investigator Jim Simpson presents recent findings: "Zero Hour: Our Last Chance to Save America," December 12, 2013. Photo by Barry Chodak.
Diana West
Diana West spells out "American Betrayal"--her newest book -- at the September 12, 2013 meeting. Also see YouTube of symposium (November 15), evaluating recognition of Stalin's USSR in 1933 in light of our blindness to Muslim Brotherhood penetration today.
Erin Anderson
Arizona native Erin Anderson details how Washingon, D.C., has turned its back on our border with Mexico, at the September 12, 2013 meeting.
Bob Moffit
Heritage senior fellow, Marylander Bob Moffit on "How to Oppose Washington's Intrusions" See his latest analysis: "Confronting Washington's Administrative State: A Renewed Role for the States."May 9, 2013.
Stephen Coughlin
Stephen Coughlin of the Center for Security Policy details the Sharia menace as it touches out national-security system, and the military in particular. February 14, 2013.

From the Blue Ridge Forum

Giant Amnesty: Will GOP Embrace Or Discard Blue Collar America?

Blue Ridge Forum quotes NRO editor-at-large John O’Sullivan:
“In a letter to fellow-Republicans on the Hill today, Senator Jeff Sessions declares with admirable straightforwardness that the GOP establishment’s main argument for the Gang of Eight immigration bill — that ‘the great lesson of the 2012 election is that the GOP needs to push for immediate amnesty and a drastic surge in low-skill immigration’ — is quite simply ‘nonsense.’
He is, of course, correct. That is true, moreover, of every other argument advanced in favor of the bill by the Gang of Eight and the GOP establishment. All these arguments have been investigated to death, generally by Mark Krikorian on these pages, but also by a wide range of critics elsewhere, notably Mickey Kaus.

I can’t think of a single one that has survived its vivisection — no, vivisection is performed on living things; the correct term for examining these arguments is post mortem. . . . And as Mickey Kaus points out, its organizer, former Bush II commerce secretary Carlos Guterriez, more or less admits that this is a struggle between Republican donors and Republican voters.

In fact it’s worse than that. This struggle pits a political coalition of the Republican and Democrat establishments versus blue-collar workers in both parties and of all ethnicities. And the electoral realities of such a struggle don’t favor the establishments.” (Highlighting Forum’s.) (For the full text of John O'Sullivan's July 30, 2013 story, click here.)

From the Blue Ridge Forum--

Here is a visual guide to Mark Levin's strategy and plan to restore our republic. (Click on sketch below for larger size.)

Liberty Amendments Graphic-500

Led by organizer Ed Hunter, grass-roots activists displayed their banners on an overpass in Prince Georges County . . . Click here and here.

Diana West's MDCAN talk -   is as significant as George Kennan's 1947 "Sources of Soviet Conduct"

The Maryland Thursday Meeting is an invitational and off-the-record gathering of center-right activists and organizations across Maryland. Ours is one of around sixty such center-right coalitions in forty-seven states across the U.S.

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The Maryland Thursday Meeting does not promulgate any orthodoxy. Rather it is a center-right coalition seeking common ground and actionable items.

We begin promptly at 8 AM; doors open at 7:45 AM; the Thursday Meeting serves hot coffee and bagels.

The Maryland Thursday Meeting will probe a variety of Maryland fiscal and values concerns. These include the profound consequences for prosperity and property rights of policies of the Green Statists, including Plan Maryland (Click here for video of conference on Plan Maryland: At the Crossroads); reforming under-funded and over-promising Maryland retirement systems; getting Maryland off the worst fifteen list on the Small Business Survival Index.

By doing so, through tax cuts and state and local regulatory reform, Maryland can attract good private sector jobs; tackle the fiscal, civic, and cultural costs of making Maryland a magnet state for illegals; and address homeland defense concerns for our seacoast state.

The Maryland Thursday Meeting began its work on November 16, 2000 and is chaired by long-time taxpayer advocate Richard Falknor.

Richard Falknor
Long-time Thursday Meeting chair Richard Falknor.


George Orwell's Politics and the English Language. Written in 1946 -- an ageless critique of slipshod and overwrought expression and the harm it does in political discourse.

ONLINE--Heritage Guide to the Constitution.

Congressional Oversight Manual , by Frederick M. Kaiser, Walter J. Oleszek, & Todd B. Tatelman. ("The Way It 'Spozed To Be.")

Maryland State Constitution.

Maryland General Assembly website.

Maryland Register

Statistical Abstract of the United States. Everything you wanted to know about life in the U.S. but did not know whom to ask.

How baseline budgeting works: Is this year's automatic starting point last year's spending -- times inflation and population growth?

Info Map: 'Federal Aid to State Budgets' (Tax Foundation) Maryland 34.35% #32; Virginia 26.82% #47 .

By John Fonte, 4.17.14, THE SPECTATOR

I thank thee Lord that I am not like those other conservatives.

Those xenophobes, nativists, obsessives about border security, drinkers of tea, and other bitter enders.

For I support comprehensive immigration reform.

I sup with the lords of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the chiefs of the AFL-CIO, and the titans of Silicon Valley.

I am welcomed at the editorial houses of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

I receiveith gold from George Soros, Bill Marriott and Mark Zuckerberg, and praise from the mainstream media, the Gang of Eight, and the princes of tourism.

Although my labors would enrich the treasuries of Corporate Mammon at the expense of the “least among us” of my fellow Americans of all races and ethnicities by lowering their wages and increasing their unemployment—I trust in my own righteousness.

For I am the Pharisee conservative.

Catch and Release: Interior immigration enforcement in 2013, CIE report by Jessica Vaughan. "A review of internal ICE metrics for 2013 reveals that hundreds of thousands of deportable aliens who were identified in the interior of the country were released instead of removed under the administration's sweeping 'prosecutorial discretion' guidelines. ... According to ICE personnel, the vast majority of these releases occurred because of current policies that shield most illegal aliens from enforcement...."

EMPact America: Homeland Threats-- March 6, 2014: The "Uninvited to CPAC 2014"

VIDEOS: Watch especially:

Welcome: - Steve Bannon,
Keynote Address: - Atty Gen Michael Mukasey
Remarks: - Congressman Steve King (R-IA)

Panel 1: The Muslim Brotherhood, the “Civilization Jihad” and Its Enablers - Hon. Pete Hoekstra [via video] - Andrew McCarthy [via video] - Stephen Coughlin - John Guandolo - Deborah Weiss - Dr. Zhudi Jasser [via video]

Panel 2: Immigration: Phyllis Schlafly -  Rosemary Jenks -  Mark Krikorian -  Amb. Roger Noriega

For all panels & videos, visit

Raymond Ibrahim:
"U.S. 'Chose to Stay Silent"'on Muslim Persecution of Christians: November 2013." Country by country breakdown. Posted February 12, 2014.

The World Watch List (WWL) is a ranking of 50 countries where persecution of Christians for religious reasons is worst.

UNDER SIEGE: Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, TX - Click here for YouTube

YOUTUBE: Latma TV: "The Boston Marathon bombing -- The FBI investigates" (video)

DEFUND OBAMACARE -- Maryland-Virginia overpass sign with Soviet symbol warning.

What about the Workers? NRO Editor John O'Sullivan weighs in with senator Jeff Sessions on amnesty and blue collar America.

"TELL THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION: Grover Norquist Must Go: Let the Organizers of CPAC Know that the Conservative Movement is No Place for Islamist Agents of Influence." See letter signed by security experts -- Agent of Influence: Grover Norquist and the Assault on the Right -- and SIGN the petition.

EMPact America -- American Security and the Iranian Bomb: Analyzing Threats at Home and Abroad: Senator Ted Cruz and Former CIA Director James Woolsey Headline Panel on Iranian Nuclear Agreement and Threats Posed. View live video of Feb 6 event here.

Update on the Liberty Amendments. People are moving forward on Mark Levin's proposed Convention of the States. Sign up to receive updates. Download the manual.

YouTube--Hannity interviews Mark Levin about the Convention of States and the Liberty Amendments.

Front Page Magazine: Benghazi Victims’ Families Demand Real Investigation. Open Letter to House Speaker John Boehner. “'To the living we owe respect. To the dead we owe the truth.”'–Voltaire"

Two rundowns from the Heritage Foundation:
(1) More New Taxes and Fees: How You’ll Pay for Obamacare in 2014. " Obamacare contains 18 specific tax hikes, mandates, or penalties that cost Americans money, and three new ones take effect in 2014. This is only the beginning—watch how two of these taxes get worse in the years to come."
(2) Obamacare's 18 New Tax Hikes. "Here's a timetable and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Committee on Taxation‘s (JCT) updated cost of the Obamacare tax hikes and penalties.

Andrew McCarthy: Obamacare’s Unconstitutional Origins: Tax legislation has to originate in the House; the health-care law didn’t.

BREAK THE 'UNIPARTY.' “Candidate Smith, whether for President of the United States or dog catcher, must be able to say: ‘I am the only candidate who represents those Americans who want smaller government, who want to safeguard human life, who defend the free exercise of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, and who oppose the government’s intrusion into our lives, and I am so certified by the following organizations….  My opponent is supported by the Republican Establishment. What do you think that represents? It represents the UniParty!’” – Angelo Codevilla — Breaking The UniParty. See analysis: "New Year’s 2014 Imperative: Turn GOP In An American Direction" in the Blue Ridge Forum.

Overpass Media: We Say Merry Christmas

OVERPASS MEDIA: Maryland State Police take down "We Say Merry Christmas" banner from an overpass on Brooklyn Bridge Road, over I-95 northbound near Laurel in Maryland. See story and VIDEO on the Blue Ridge Forum.

THE PATRIOTIC NATIONAL SECURITY ESTABLISHMENT STRIKES BACK! Read February 11 JOINT LETTER by Gaffney, Mukasey, Woolsey, West, Boykin, McCarthy & others to American Conservative Union attorney Cleta Mitchell. "National Security Professionals Challenge ACU on Muslim Brotherhood Operations Against the Right. The Islamists' --and their Enablers' -- Assault on the Right: The Case Against Grover Norquist and Suhail Kahn."

HERITAGE FOUNDATION: "Obamacare’s Insurance Exchanges: 'Private Coverage' in Name Only," By Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D. and Edmund F. Haislmaier. "The Obamacare health insurance exchange system, though often sold as a mechanism to provide consumer choice and competition, is, in fact, a vehicle for the detailed federal regulation of insurance. Americans can expect less choice and less competition."

Transparency 101: Judicial Watch FOIA Handbook. Download free. A user's guide to the Freedom of Information Act.

Open Letter to Speaker John Boehner from the Fredericksburg Tea Party, Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

Republicans for Obamacare? by Angelo M. Codevilla

Defund Obamacare Slogan

Raymond Ibrahim for Gatestone Institute updates Muslim Persecution of Christians: Christians Murdered Nonstop in Nigeria. Pastors, funerals, churches, converts become targets in many countries. May, 2013.

Ken Timmerman on the Syria SNAFU, 9-9-2013. " Now the White House is soft-peddling its so-far unsupported claims that the Syrian regime was responsible for the August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds of people in a suburb of Damascus."

NumbersUSA: What you can do to kill the Amnesty Bill during Congress' August recess.

Sign Petition to Designate Murderous Nigerian Group as Foreign Terrorist Organization -- the Clarion Project.

BALLOTPEDIA info on Maryland schools -- elected officials, demographics, school population in biggest counties, financial tidbits.

Senator Jeff Sessions: Gang Of Eight Legislation Dictated By Special Interests - YouTube

Is Congressional GOP Leadership up to the challenge? Hear Thursday Meeting regular Ed Hunter and other Marylanders (click HERE and continue to end of video) on Fox News personality Greta Van Susteren's August 7 show. Thursday Meeting regular Dee Hodges, chief of the Maryland Taxpayers Association, also took part in the Town Hall. "TOWN HALL ANGER: 'WE'RE DYING OUT THERE!' While Congress is on vacation, angry Americans are venting their frustration over ObamaCare, Benghazi, the NSA scandal and more at town hall meetings." The video covers Representative Andy Harris' August 6 Town Meeting in Bel Air.

Interview with Larry Nordvig Executive Director of the Richmond Tea Party, "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren," Foix News, 8-8-2013.

"Dissecting Political Correctness," by Stella Morabito, Witherspoon Institute's Public Discourse.


Gun Owners of America warns that "Amnesty Lite" would weaken voter support for Second Amendment right to bear arms.

"Tinker, Tailor, Snowden, Spy ," by Gordon G. Chang, Gatestone Institute.

BLIND TO TERROR: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT’S DISASTROUS MUSLIM OUTREACH EFFORTS AND THE IMPACT ON U.S. MIDDLE EAST POLICY, by Patrick S. Poole, June 4, 2013. Our "schizophrenic" Muslim outreach policies have rendered U.S. security institutions blind to the jihadist terror threat.

HILL MEMO: "Twelve Reasons the 'Gang of 8' Immigration Bill Should Be Opposed."

NEW HERITAGE REPORT! "The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer," by Robert Rector and Jason Richwine, Ph.D. May 6, 2013

House Select Committee on Benghazi Sponsors.

The Madison Projects Releases Updated Index Scores For 112th Congress (May 8th, 2013 ). Created in 2012, the MPI measures how closely each Republican House Member is performing against the expected conservative score for his or her district.

"INHOFE: DHS AMMO GRAB TO ‘DRY UP’ SUPPLY. Claims Obama administration intentionally undermining 2nd Amendment," from Klein Online.

Daniel Horowitz "Chain Migration Will Bury the Republic and Republican Party" (Madison Project)



Blue Ridge Forum story on FDR’s 1933 ″New Deal” with the USSR: 'Shutting Our Eyes To Soviet Influence and Prefiguring Today’s Blindness to Muslim Brotherhood Penetration.' YouTube of a remarkable symposium with expert participants Frank Gaffney, Diana West, Stanton Evans, Stephen Coughlin and Chris Farrell.

Stephen Coughlin: Counterterror Training, Education, and Analysis. (A highly informative series.)

Click here for video of conference: PlanMaryland: At the Crossroads.

Andrew McCarthy on Civilizational Jihad in America. Watch YouTube.


Paul Larkin. the Overcriminalization Project of Heritage Foundation: "Defanging the Lacey Act: The Freedom from Over-Criminalization and Unjust Seizures Act of 2012"

"FREE MARYLAND” -- A Discussion Paper About Ways to Reach Conservative Goals Over the Next Decade, by Richard Falknor.

Hans Bader: Millionaire collects Food Stamps; Food Stamps Cover Far More than the Price of Food.

--America's Survival, Inc. Freedom, Independence and Sovereignty. See archive page.

Gatestone: Reports on threats to democracy, the rule of law, Muslim persecution of Christians, and other topics the mainstream media neglects.

Watchers of Weasels

World Watch List (Christian persecution)

Debbie Schlussel

Mass Resistance

--Ron Lipsman: The Write Stuff

--Monoblogue: Delmarva, Maryland politics, and more

--Potomac Tea Party Report

--NewZeal - Trevor Loudon's invaluable perspective

--Discover the Networks: A Guide to the Political Left

--Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

--John Fleischman's Flash Report (California).

--Center for Immigration Studies blog

--Election Law Center: Latest developments on suspect contests

--Refugee Resettlement Watch: Washington County, MD-based blog, covering abuses in our bigger-than-you-would-think 'refugee' program.

--American Dream Coalition: "Protecting freedom, mobility, and affordable home ownership"

--Neighborhood Effects: "American state and local economic policy and political economy issues"

--Capital Research Blog: Research on philanthropy and nonprofits.


The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI)'s 2012 edition of Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State.

Use FIRE's spotlight to see how colleges in Maryland restrict speech.

Angelo M. Codevilla on "America's Ruling Class--And the Perils of Revolution." The broad rethink that has changed the way the many conservative commentators talk about the danger we face.

American Thinker's "Complete Lexicon of Political Speech."

Senator Judd Gregg: How the Senate can obstruct and delay Obama's revolutionary initiatives. See Blue Ridge Forum.

2009 letter from Maryland's John Kane to senators Leahy and Specter endorsing Tom Perez as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Letter endorsing Perez from Tony O'Donnell.

Heritage Foundation: "Letting Patriot Act Provisions Expire Would Be Irresponsible"

John O'Sullivan's First Law, on the staff of large organizations and liberalism.

"How Our Laws Are Made." Revised and Updated by John V. Sullivan, Parliamentarian, U.S. House of Representatives. Presented by Mr. Brady of Pennsylvania. July 24, 2007

FAIR's Jack Martin: "The Costs of Illegal Immigration to Marylanders"

"The Trillion Dollar Gap: Underfunded State Retirement Systems and the Road to Reform"-- Maryland and Virginia, Pew Foundation.

City Journal's Bradley A. Smith: "In Defense of Political Anonymity"

"Multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism," William S. Lind

Heritage Foundation: "The Birth of the Administrative State"

Heritage Foundation's Paul Rosenzweig: Overcriminalization.