June 11, 2009

Bishop Harry R. Jackson, of the High Impact Leadership Coalition and Stand 4 Marriage D.C.: "Every child deserves the opportunity to have a mother and father."

Blogger and free market spokesman, Andrew Langer talks about moving ahead with the Maryland GOP Environmental Commission, where he has recently been appointed to the leadership.
Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch explains the little-recognized problems with refugee programs in the Old Line State and nationally. Organizer Neil Parrott gives the latest word on the Hagerstown Tax Day Tea Party, coming up July 7.
.Association of Maryland Families chief Doug Stiegler details the harm done by same sex "marriage" to society and to future generations. Bill Volpe of the Christian Action Alliance expresses his support for traditional values
Dr. Ruth Jacobs discusses strategies with Bishop Harry Jackson and Marcus Harris. Delores Powell is a key activist with High Impact Leadership Coalition and Stand 4 Marriage D.C.
State Affairs Manager Kelly W. Cobb (left) spells out Americans for Tax Reform's take on cap-and-trade and consumer-choice health reform, while Spear Lancaster takes notes. Making contact: Andrew Langer and Carroll County Commissioner Michael Zimmer.