Interview with Larry Nordvig
Executive Director of the Richmond Tea Party
On the Record with Greta Van Susteren
Fox News Channel
August 8, 2013

 GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST:  So five weeks off, great if you can get it, right? 
Well, Congress has given themselves this giant five-week break, and President Obama is taking a vacation, as well.

But the Tea Party -- well, they are not taking a break, one Tea Party leader saying they are working harder than ever.  Richmond Tea Party executive director Larry Nordvig joins us.  Nice to have you back, Larry.

LARRY NORDVIG, RICHMOND TEA PARTY EXECUTIVLarry NordvigE DIR.:  Thanks for having me back, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN:  Larry, you have a few thoughts about the vacation that's going on here in the city?  Although some members of Congress will say that they are talking to constituents, but nonetheless, there's a lot -

If you're going to prioritize your job, there's a lot of important things that are being left undone here.  Do you have a thought about it?

 NORDVIG:  Yes, I do.  This is kind of a good news, bad news situation with Congress on vacation and the president vacationing.  I mean, the president seems like he's always on vacation.  His approval rating is down around 40, 42 percent right now.  Congress is in single-digit approval rating.

So on the one hand, they're not around, which means that they're not going to damage the country any further in the next five weeks, which is good.  The bad news is, like you said, there's a lot of important issues right now, and many have time limits.

For example, amnesty, sand is slipping through the hourglass.  That problem gets worse every day.   "Obama care," October 1st is kind of a gate  (ph)  that we need to do something before the exchanges begin to open.

So we need to get to work on these issues and restore this country back to what it should be.

VAN SUSTEREN:  But what -- what is your group doing, your Tea Party group doing?  Are you just sort of sitting on the sidelines this five weeks frustrated, or are you writing letters or are you organizing?  Are you doing anything?  Because I tell you, this -- this -- this city is at a dead stall.  And I'm curious what you're doing.

NORDVIG:  Yes, it's a great time to vacation up to D.C., but that's not what our plan is.  Right now, at least I can speak for the Richmond Tea Party.  We are working extremely hard.  I'm doing about 18-hour days right now.  I just came over -- I couldn't be in studio in D.C. tonight, in fact, because I had a two-hour meeting with our board, and I came straight from there to this program.

We have a lot of things lined up during the August recess.  We would like to speak to our congressmen.  There are many things that we have planned to do, and we are definitely not on vacation.  We are working extremely hard right now.

VAN SUSTEREN:  Do you have a sense that you're -- or are you networking with other Tea Party groups across the country, or is yours just localized to Richmond?

NORDVIG:  No, we are.  In fact, the events we have coming up within the next week, we're working with a Tea Party group from Maryland.

. We're working with the national Tea Party Patriots this next week, and three other conservative organizations.  We're coalition building with other Tea Party groups here in Virginia. 

The following week, we're with another conservative group to try to oppose "Obama care," which is a train wreck that no American wants, believe me.

Another week after that, we're going to touch on the amnesty issue. 

We're trying to set up a town hall and include every Tea Party in Congressman Cantor's district to come to that.  Right now, he has not communicated that he's going to have a town hall.  And if he doesn't want to come, we might have one with an empty chair anyway.

VAN SUSTEREN:  Larry, give me just sort of a handful -- I mean, take -

In your mind -- you don't have to name them, but you  know, give or six people in your Tea Party group -- tell me what their occupations and backgrounds are.

 NORDVIG:  Well, Tea Party groups -- well, our own board is -- is a good example.  We have two women. We have three men on the board.  One gentleman is black.  He's the head of our very active minority outreach. 

You know, the jobs description -- we have one county supervisor that's in government.  We have two people that work for an organization.  One is in IT.  We have one semi-retired businessman.  You know, I'm an airline pilot.  It's everything under the sun. We are average Americans, very patriotic, very passionate, very forceful. 

We want this country to return to constitutionally limited government and some fiscal sanity, and we want to hold our representatives accountable.  And we're not going to stop doing the work until we see that come to fruition.

VAN SUSTEREN:  Larry, thank you for joining us.

NORDVIG:  Thanks for having me, Greta. 

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