Making Every Day a "Harriet Miers" Day


There is at least an even chance that Mitt Romney will win the White House in November; and if Romney takes the gloves off and goes after the human-wrecking ball who is the current occupant - while extolling the virtues of liberty and traditional American values - some of us think it won't even be a close election.


The follow-up question will be whether Republicans can hold the House, and take a majority in the Senate? The House looks solid, and early indications are that conservatives can make even more inroads, expanding the Tea Party ranks of the class of 2010. There is also a high probability that the Senate will flip to Republican control, and that solid conservatives, again backed by the Tea Party, are positioned to win seats.


As difficult as it has been to watch the de-construction of our Constitutional Republic and traditional values and faith in the last four years - there could be help in 2013.


But, if America is to be saved from sliding off into the economic, cultural and spiritual abyss - it will have little to do with who is elected this November, and will depend much more on whether citizen patriots and conservative activists have learned the hard lesson that the future of this nation is much too precious to be entrusted to politicians.  


Ordinary citizens - you and me - will have to make every day a "Harriet Miers" day.


Harriet Miers, you'll recall, was the long-time personal friend of President George W. Bush who nominated her to the Supreme Court in 2005, in spite of her obvious lack of a conservative judicial pedigree. The national reaction by conservatives and their allies in the "new media" was immediate and stunning in its volume. The Court was delicately balanced and with the looming elections of 2006 many considered this the last opportunity to shift the philosophical balance of the Court. Outraged that prominent jurists had been ignored for a perceived crony appointment, the conservative firestorm was unrelenting, and finally Ms. Miers and the White House were forced to withdraw the nomination. In October of 2005 President Bush nominated Samuel Alito, who became the crucial conservative vote on the Court.  


The "Miers" lesson is that citizens will have to maintain a constant vigil and leverage every bit of available power 24/7 to win critical fights - be they can win. Conservative patriots and activists must stay involved and not be sweet-talked into passivity as they have in decades past.


The Romney honeymoon has to be metaphorical; there is no time to waste. Likewise, the Congress has three critically urgent issues that cannot be left to long-winded debate and gentlemanly compromise: Strike down the huge tax increases set to go into effect on January 1, 2013 if the lame duck Congress has not already acted, and repeal any tax mischief the out-going Congress wrought; repeal - not modify - ObamaCare to the very last page if the Supreme Court doesn't this summer; and kill the Dodd-Frank financial bill in the crib - 100%. Then the hard work begins.


The pressure applied on Washington by conservatives and Tea Party activists will have to be like a blanket, or the "political class" will find compromising on these serial disasters too tempting.


The "Miers" lesson also applies to local and state politics which is where the real battleground for the restoration of constitutional and traditional values will be won or lost. In 2010 there was a huge turnover in state legislatures demonstrating that the power first shown by the Tea Party in 2009 was real and deep. Conservatives have to keep up a consistent and constant effort to elect conservatives to local, district and state party positions and to local and state offices. The party posts must shift to active and vocal proponents for citizen involvement in both information and the political process; and the elected officials must become the Constitutional firewall to a runaway Federal government and a farm team from which national political leaders can be drawn.


The urgency of the task for freedom loving people everywhere has seldom been more obvious. History's clock is ticking away right here in America and across the world where there is no shortage of radical leftists in the government, the culture and the institutions of faith seeking to turn economic and cultural turmoil into the rationale for curbing human individualism and God-granted dignity, liberty, nationalism and religious freedom. The menace is that the emboldened practitioners of liberal "progressivism" always turn to the utility of totalitarianism to accomplish that which could not be brought about by any other means. It is the iron-clad law of utopians, authoritarians and thugs, written in the blood of hundreds of millions of innocents, just in the past century.


We no longer have time left for the "sunshine patriot," the go along-get along politician, or the feckless smiling face that sees any compromise as noble and any principle as negotiable, whether in the government, the larger culture, or the church. We should be grateful that we may have been granted one window of opportunity to stand like free men and free women for the cause of God-ordained Liberty and the future of the Republic as we have known her. May we not let it pass unused.


Mike Giere has written extensively on politics, foreign policy & issues of faith. He is a former candidate for the U.S. House from Texas; worked for Ronald Reagan in 76 & 80; and served in both the Reagan and the Bush (41) Administrations. He and his wife live in Northern Virginia, and have three children.